3 Skin Loving Recipes For Thanksgiving

3 Skin Loving Recipes For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays because it’s all about gratitude. It should be considered the healthiest holiday of all because of the benefits that the attitude of gratitude gives to our bodies.  When filled with gratitude, it elicits a release of the powerful feel-good hormone oxytocin, along with serotonin and dopamine. And promotes better sleep. And lower blood pressure. And decreased inflammation. And fewer aches and pains. Better relationships. Increased longevity. 

Sitting around the table with our friends and family filled with gratitude is one of the best things we can do for our health. And when we include healthy, nutrient-dense foods to the equation we are boosting our health to an even higher level. Sharing a meal enriches our souls and nourishes our innate desire for connection. Zach Bush, MD, says, “Ever notice how you can devour an entire dessert while eating alone, but feel satisfied after only a couple bites when sharing with friends. It’s because of the spiritual connection you experience when looking in the faces of your friends and feeling seen yourself. That ancient scripture is evident in their realities today- a human does not live on bread alone.”

No matter what culture you come from or religion you practice, sharing a meal brings us together in community. In America most of our family holidays are during the colder months which brings many seasonal foods and traditions. There are lots of delicious seasonal food to choose from in the Fall and Winter. Depending on culture or family traditions, you may incorporate squashes and seasonal condiments like cranberry sauce into your meal plans. Eating the food produced during the season you are in is nourishing for the microbiome in your gut. Allowing our diet to change within the year gives us the immune-boosting nutrients we need in each season. Eating plenty of raw veggies and fresh food during the summer gives us the energy and hydration we need as the sun is the hottest. In the winter, as we turn inward, keeping our organs warm with nutrient-dense soups and warm sauteed vegetables regulates our circulation and internal body temperature. 

One of the best ways to get seasonal foods into your diet is by finding your local farmers and signing up for their vegetable boxes. Usually you’ll find most local organic farmers put together boxes of their seasonal fruits and vegetables for a reasonable price. This is a great way to get an assortment of dense, seasonal, nutrients in your diet without having to do the research before you go shopping. The boxes change from season to season and it’s easier for you, while supporting your local agriculture. 

Here are some season vegetables and fruits for the Pacific Northwest in the Fall and Winter: 

Seasonal foods for the PNW 

Brussels sprouts
Celery and celeriac
Collard greens
Edible flowers
Fava beans
Garlic scapes and green garlic
Green onions and scallions
Lettuce: May through November
Snap peas
Squash (winter)

As you begin preparing for your Thanksgiving Gathering think of ways you can prepare your favorite dishes with some of the vegetables and fruits listed above. What a great way to be creative and to bring in new conversation with those you love. Now because Hafen Beauty is a skin care brand I wanted to make sure I listed some awesome recipes you could have this holiday that are delicious AND good for your skin. :) 

 Here are three skin-loving, immune-boosting recipes you might try this Thanksgiving! 


Whole 30 Sweet Potatoe Casserole!


If you’ve ever had a sweet carrot souffle, you might wonder what a good alternative is without all that added sugar. Here is the solution. With this sweet potato casserole, you should dump the burnt store-bought marshmallows and add candied pecans. Why is this such a great recipe for your skin? Sweet potatoes are high in the hormone progesterone, which is necessary for us to keep our collagen levels. Eating complex carbohydrates like those found in sweet potatoes, which are nutrient-dense, will maintain blood sugar, which helps balance insulin, and keep cravings at bay. Sweet potaotes are so versatile and can be a great breakfast item and dinner item. You can’t overdose with this root vegetable. Your hormones will thank you for eating Sweet Potatoes.


Green Bean Casserole


This is not your Grandma’s green bean casserole. No cans are being opened here! Using fresh green beans from the organic section will give this green bean casserole the distinct taste it has. Green beans contain the carotenoids lutein, beta carotein, neoxanthin and violaxanthin, which help boost the skin’s ability to fight aging. They also pack an impressive antioxidant capacity as well as vitamin C, A, K, calcium, potassium, folate and small amounts of fiber, protein and iron. If that list doesn’t make you want to buy an entire farm of green beans then I don’t know what else will. Green beans are mostly in season Summer to early fall. Canned green beans are good as long as you find a brand that is organic, non-GMO and does not have added sweeteners or extra preservatives to keep them shelf stable.  



Potatoes with Herbs 


The Fall and Winter are the perfect time to get your herbs in your diet through warm foods and soups. Potatoes sometimes get a bad wrap for their carbohydrates, but potatoes have many benefits for your skin. Potatoes hold high amounts of  Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium. These three vitamins and minerals are essential for collagen levels and kidney function. The more colorful the potato, the more antioxidants it holds, which prevent free radicals from becoming toxic in your body. Adding herbs and good healthy fats make this a delicious meal that promotes good hormones, skin, and energy levels.




Eating seasonal foods will help your microbiome keep up your immune system. It is such a great time to practice gratitude and eat delicious healthy foods around the table during Thanksgiving. When we eat together, with those we are grateful for, we feed our souls and our bodies simultaneously. We need those healthy feel-good hormones from practicing gratitude as well as the good nutrients from nutrient-dense foods. Thanksgiving can still incorporate your favorite foods, but when you add good foods for your hormones and skin, you won’t get the adverse effects of high-fat foods that have been fried or overly processed. There are many seasonal foods that you can cook great foods with, from soups to dishes. All of these food items are good for your immune system and your skin. Incorporating healthy recipes for Thanksgiving will give you deep satisfaction that you are keeping your body healthy and your tastebuds happy. 

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