4 Ways To Promote Healthy Skin During The Holidays

4 Ways To Promote Healthy Skin During The Holidays


What we eat affects our skin. If you are mindful of what you’re putting in and on your body these days, it’s not surprising that holidays bring more stress. Whether you have family stress or financial stress, adding to it that you don’t want to eat just anything put in front of you can feel daunting. With so many different food intolerances, both hosts and guests must learn to be open-minded and find ways to cater to various preferences. Food is everywhere, and rightfully so. But what do you do if you’re trying to avoid extra sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, or other items?

Keeping a healthy social life during the holidays while protecting the meals and snacks you eat can be challenging. The good news is we’re in the 21st century, and many people are now learning to cater to all types of food sensitivities and preferences. A quick Pinterest search will lead you to thousands of recipes that cater to all kinds of diets. From Paleo to Keto, to dairy-free and gluten-free, a host quickly can become creative at the diverse foods out there that are inclusive to many diets. You can also find ways to help your body detox, like drink plenty of fluids before an event. 

It’s important to mention that, during the holidays, there are times when, if you have food sensitivities or are avoiding certain foods, your personal preferences might not always be considered. If this is your case, you have several options to choose from: You could host, offer to bring a platter, or possibly eat before you attend. Hosting is a great way to keep the event going without worrying about what will be on the menu. If you are the only one concerned about the food, you most likely have a better idea of how to incorporate everyone’s likes and your own. Hosting is a great way to introduce excellent new snacks that fit your food preferences and still make a party fun, and the food table will be the center of attention. Another way to ensure you have foods you can eat available is by bringing a food platter. Charcuterie boards are the next big thing! Platters will ensure you’re eating foods you can have and introduce alternative foods and snacks that guests may have never tried before. These make for great conversation starters. 

Being able to dictate what we eat if we are sensitive is vital to keeping our bodies balanced. Diet affects our skin, and many individuals are sensitive to ingredients in conventional food today. Ingredients in foods or snack items may cause someone to break out or bloat. Individuals who do not have sensitive skin should also know what you’re putting in your body and how it might affect you, even in small ways. Incorporating foods like healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, and foods high in omega-3 will promote healthy skin and body. Incorporating these and adding them to holidays will help us feel great all winter long and into the new year! 

Here are a few ways to promote healthy skin during the holidays: 

1. Drink Water

Water not only hydrates our skin but also helps us eradicate toxins from the body. Our skin is composed of 68% water. Drinking an adequate amount of water promotes healthy skin by giving our organs the minerals it needs to work correctly. Pro tip: drink lots of water before you go to an event, and if you eat something that might cause inflammation, your body will detox it faster, protecting you from adverse side effects. 

2. Go For The Veggies 

When in an environment where you can’t control what is on the table, try to stick with the vegetables. Most vegetables are good for bone, skin, and overall health. Green, red and yellow peppers, broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, and cucumbers are great to keep snacking on if they are available. When being served, don’t be afraid to eat what is there, but try to fill your plate with more vegetables when going back for seconds.

3. Nuts 

Nuts are high in good fats that help our brain function as well as promote healthy skin. If at a party with little snacks, reach for the walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios first. These nuts are heavy with healthy vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, vitamin A, C, and E, which give glowing, smoother-looking skin. 

4. Limit Sugar Intake

The holidays are almost here, and decadent holiday treats! Limiting your sugar doesn’t mean you have to avoid it at all costs. It is essential to limit excessive sugar from your diet, especially if you want healthy skin. Sugar causes inflammation in the body, which leads to a plethora of skin issues. During the holidays, it’s ok to have sugar! Just don’t overdo it if you choose one treat you want to indulge in, and stick with the veggies and nuts for the rest of the time. 


Holiday events are beginning, and there are plenty of ways to keep our skin healthy even though there are treats and snacks everywhere! Some great ways to keep your skin healthy even during the holidays are to drink plenty of water, snack on veggies and nuts, and choose wisely what sugar items you will eat. The holidays might have been stressful before, but knowing what you can eat before arriving somewhere is helpful! Your skin will be glowing all season long.

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