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5 Winter Skin Tips


Winter skincare routines and products should be as different as the seasons themselves. Humans are creatures of habit and generally want to continue doing what is most comfortable to them, no matter the situation. Switching skincare products out for the season should be similar to changing your wardrobe for the colder weather. 


Changing your skincare should have the same dramatic effect as your lifestyle when the weather changes. The decrease in humidity during the colder months and indoor heaters causing more water evaporation in our skin gives us itchy skin. We should be upping our hydration and pumping our skin with nutrients that the sun depleted during the summer months. 


We have more sunlight and fresh vegetables in the warmer seasons to keep our skin fresh and glowing. In the winter, with less sunlight, less moisture in the air, including more root veggies and grains, we must find ways to keep that youthful, hydrated glow without the fresh greens and bright colored fruit. 


Simply put, we need to change our skincare to suit the season. As the season changes, our habits change too. Find ways to keep yourself hydrated and nourished internally as well as externally. 


Here are five winter skin care tips you can begin right away. 


1. Drink Warm Liquids

Your organs don’t want to be shocked by frigid ice water as it tries to maintain your average body temp. Keeping your organs warm with warm liquids and room temp water will allow your body to truly benefit from the water molecules attaching to your blood cells. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your skin from experiencing dry winter skin. 


2. Use Thicker/Heavier Oils 

Our skin naturally needs a thicker oil in the colder months to protect itself from the lower temperatures. With the lack of moisture in the air, supplement with natural moisture to prevent dry and cracked skin. Using a thicker oil will give your skin intense moisture that absorbs deeper and lasts longer. If you are naturally prone to dry skin, using a thicker oil as your primary moisturizer will help your skin regulate its sebum production. 

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3. Keep Lip Balm Close by 

Our lips are sensitive and in the first line of duty when the cold hits. Keeping your lips and face sheltered with a scarf or turtle neck will help you avoid chapped lips this winter. When choosing a lip balm, try to go for a deeper intense moisturizer. You can add the Hafen Whipped Balm to your lips for deeper hydration or find a balm that has Vitamin E or Jojoba Oil in it. Lips are sensitive to weather elements and internal hydration levels. Apply oil or lip balm as often as you feel the need during the colder months. 


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4. Invest in a Humidifier 

During the colder months, there is less moisture in the air. The decrease in humidity during the colder months and indoor heaters causing more water evaporation in our skin gives us itchy skin. Using a humidifier that pushes out warm air will help keep moisture in your home during the winter. Warmer air prevents skin from feeling dry and helps maintain our hydration from the liquid we consume. Diffusers for essential oils can work as humidifiers; although not as strong, they help keep the humidity in the air during cold days. Humidifiers can also help prevent: Dry eyes, Sore throat, dry nasal passages, Bloody nose, Colds and flu, Chapped skin and lips, Itchy, dry skin, Worsened asthma, and allergy symptoms. 



5. Dry Brush 

Dry brushing is a more efficient and less messy way of exfoliating and keeping that winter itch away. When you use a dry brush on your skin, you are removing dead skin cells. Dry brushing allows moisture to absorb into your skin without covering extra skin cells. When you dry brush, you are boosting collagen levels which can give you a young youthful glow. Dry brushing will help eliminate the dry, flaky skin that can sometimes appear during the colder months. After dry brushing, moisturizing with a thicker body oil will help give your skin the intense hydration it needs to keep from getting itchy and irritated from the weather. Using a thicker oil will penetrate the skin more deeply, especially after using a dry brush. 




Rotating your skincare for each season should be similar to changing out your wardrobe. Your skin needs more moisture in the colder months due to less humidity in the air. Deep hydration and warm air is essential to protecting your skin from dry itchy skin during the colder seasons. Switching out your skin care to thicker oils with more nutrient dense vitamins will nourish your skin. Keeping the air temperature warm as well as gently exfoliating your skin will retain the moisture in your skin and protect your skin from winter skin.

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