9 Essentials To Have In Your Purse

9 Essentials To Have In Your Purse


The items in your purse say a lot about you. In your early twenties, it was about your Wallet, ID, and female products. In your late twenties,  you might find a planner, business cards, a computer, and maybe a journal. By the time you’re in your thirties it might consist of hot wheels, fruit bars for your two year old, and extra pair of clothes. By now, you’ve perfected all the things you need for yourself + your kids, your boss, and anyone else who might need something! Maybe you’re the “mom” of the group and carry all essentials no matter the season like: bandaids, chocolate, tweezers, nail clippers, colored pens, etc.

In the world of remote work and zoom maybe you’ve forgotten what you might need to keep in your purse before you leave the house. Getting a little refresher on the things you need to keep close by is going to be good for you. Keeping your most used item in a day close by is going to keep stress and anxiety at bay. This list of what’s in my purse is in order of what might be the most reasonable priority.  At the end of this post maybe you will have found more items to put in, or even items to take out! 

Here are 9 items to keep in your bag or purse.


this is probably number one on the list of essentials. If you haven’t tried the Hafen Chapstick yet, you’re missing out. The intense moisture from tallow is life-changing. Keeping your lips moisturized at all given times in the day keeps your lips hydrated but also gives you boost of confidence. It’s probably a good idea to Keep chapstick in your bag, pocket, by your bed, and in all the little catch-all baskets around the house too.


In the age of water filters and water tests to see what your water is missing, maybe you’ve also become a water snob. The toxins leaked into city water symptoms are a big concern. Keeping a water bottle that allows you to filter out tap water is a necessity. Finding a filtration system is a great place to start if you’re looking to decrease your toxic load.



No brainer here. I’ve been using the trader joes brand for a while, but recently, my mom brought home a clear alcohol bottle made for hand sanitizer from a brewery in town.  Now I refill all my little trader joes spray bottles with the alcohol and seem to have a never-ending supply of hand sanitizer. With my son and I always in and out of places and touching everything, we use this a lot. I’m glad I keep my body oil with me too, cause it’s a douse of hand sanitizer and douse of body oil, and we’re good! :) 


If I don’t have a moisturizer in your bag, how can you stay fresh?  Keeping a 1oz body oil in your bag will save your life.  During any season of the year, it’s helpful to have a moisturizer in your bag to apply between activities or when you need a little extra glow.

Recommend 1oz Body Oil Travel Size


You can dress anything up with earrings. Even if your typical attire is yoga pants and an oversized shirt, adding earrings makes everything look good.  It’s a nice little trick to use when you still want to wear your comfy clothes but want to go out too.


This is self-explanatory; keeping deodorant in your bag is a no-brainer. In the winter you might sweat under your clothes, and in the summer you might need to apply more often.


Nuts are the best at giving substance while giving energy as well. Mix walnuts or pecans with dried cranberries and you’ve got a high antioxidant snack! Nuts are great for promoting healthy skin as well, so keeping them in your bag is a win-win.

Germ Fighting Essential Oil

Anything with cinnamon and hot oils will help keep germs at bay. If you frequent more places than the grocery store, it’s nice to have another added layer of germ-fighting compounds. If you have children, you might find they pick up many sicknesses quickly, so keeping a germ-fighting essential oil on hand is good to add another protective barrier to our immune system. Plant therapy has one called Germ Fighter, Doterra has one called On Guard, and Young Living’s is called Thieves.


The Flawless Razer gets rid of pesky hairs on the chin and neck that seem to pop up out of know where.  Flawless is handy if you’re not able to get home for a while, so keeping it in your bag is very important! It also makes a great gift!

Maybe you’ve found something that we haven’t thought to add? Please Share in the comments. 

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