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Benefits of Zinc for Your Skin

Fall could easily be the most exciting time for skincare enthusiasts. As the sun is hidden the retinol can come out and it’s a great time to start those laser treatments! 

Besides the beautiful colors and decorations, there are a host of seasonal ingredients that are great to implement into your diet and your skincare. Optimal health can be achieved simply by eating what is in season, in your area. More root vegetables and pasture-raised meat help boost your metabolism. Warm soups canned from fresh veggies, keep essential vitamins and minerals working in your body for optimal health and glowing skin. 

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Fall is that perfect transition to heal your skin from the summer sun and protect your skin from the dry winter itch. Vitamins like A, D, E, and K along with Omega-3 Fatty Acids such as Oleic Acid will promote skin health all winter long. 

To add to your skincare arsenal is a trending ingredient to keep colds and flu away. This powerhouse nutrient will protect your skin’s immune system, empower your hormones, promote cell turnover, repair blood tissues, and metabolize nutrients. 

Zinc in The Body 

Zinc is a mineral found in the body which helps over 300 enzymes function in the body and aids in essential processes for your health. This special nutrient regulates oil, stimulates cell turnover, protects the immune system, aids in anti-inflammatory  response, and soothes skin issues like acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. The importance of zinc for your body includes: blood clotting, cell division, immune function, thyroid health, smell, taste, vision, and wound healing.

Supplementing with Zinc orally and or topically will optimize your health in many ways.  From energy levels to hair growth this nutrient should be in your cabinet, yesterday! Zinc is not stored in the body, so getting enough through your diet,  supplements, and topically should be a daily priority if you want optimal health. 

Research shows those suffering from hair loss have a deficiency of Zinc in their body. This can be easily supplemented by eating more meat, shellfish, and legumes. Incorporating Zinc into your diet will increase your glutathione levels which will aid in less fatigue, reduce oxidative stress and improve insulin resistance. 

Zinc has a high percentage of antiviral, antifungal, and insecticidal properties. If you are suffering from parasites or a leaky gut, Zinc will aid in eliminating and repairing your gut microbiome. Simply incorporate a zinc supplement and use a topical zinc cream to apply abdominally. 

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is needed for our body to perform vital functions in our everyday life. Zinc is required for up to 10,000 processes in our body from hormone balance to cell turnover. The average person needs 8-11 mg of zinc per day which can be found in meat, shellfish, legumes, and seeds. If you are deficient in Zinc you may experience a poorer quality of life, including:

  • Genetic damage 
  • Loss of taste and smell 
  • Poor mood 
  • Open sores on the skin 
  • dull skin 
  • Wounds that won’t heal 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Low libido 
  • Hormone dysfunction 
  • Cold hands and feet 
  • Sluggish metabolism 

Supplementing with Zinc orally or topically can help keep your levels regulated and avoid these symptoms altogether. 

Repairing and protecting your skin from oxidative stress.


Fights off Free Radicals
The benefits of Zinc far outweigh any other supplement if you think about the functionality of the mineral in your body. Zinc allows your body to fight back against free radicals and oxidation caused by the sun and the environment. 

Promotes the Immune System
Zinc is an immune-boosting mineral and aids in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities. Zinc will prevent and help detox issues such as acne, body odor, and dandruff.

Promotes Mood
Those with mood disorders or suffering from mental health may be deficient in zinc. Zinc supports the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which counteracts brain inflammation and depression.    

Supports Women's and Men’s Health
Zinc can lessen the risk of breast cancer among women in their post-menopause phase. Plus, these are great for mental and prostate health as well. 

Supports Thyroid Health
Zinc is needed for optimal thyroid function and plays a role in signaling your pituitary gland to make proper amounts of hormones. Zinc supports proper amounts of T3 and T4 and is required for optimal energy. 


Prevents Acne
Zinc supports optimal immune function protecting the skin from bacterial and inflammatory infections. 

Protects from UV Rays
Hello, sunscreen! Zinc is a powerhouse mineral for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. This active ingredient reflects the sun and acts as a barrier between the sun and your skin. 

Promotes Collagen
Collagen is that fancy nutrient that makes our skin luscious, plump, and glowing. Zinc promotes collagen synthesis by acting as an enzyme cofactor giving you all the benefits you need for youthful skin. 

Heals Wounds
Acne scars and wounds can be reduced when using zinc. The mineral repairs and rejuvenates skin cells in areas where connective tissue has built up. 

Bio-availble vitamins and Zinc for repairing and protecting skin health.

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