Holiday Gift Guide 2021


Fall is here and with that comes all the holiday feels! Today we’ll be covering each natural skin-care product Hafen Beauty Offers. All of these items are perfect for everyday moisture, for your anti-aging skin-care routine or, to have a classy non-toxic skin-care line up on your counter. Incorporating Hafen Beauty into your life is going to give you that youthful glow with natural skin-care products. And because it’s the season for gift-giving, you can get your bestie, and your mom hooked on Hafen, too! 


For those overachievers out there, you probably already got most of your gifts hidden under the bed, but just in case you need a few more, here are some options for those last-minute stocking stuffers. And for those who have no idea where to begin, this 2021 holiday gift guide will help. There is something for each person on your list with these natural beauty products. Each Hafen Beauty item is classy enough to leave on the counter and is a gender-neutral beauty product. Boost your skin with these beautiful natural skin-care products, or give a friend or loved one something fun and good for them for the holidays! 



2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Hafen Beauty






Vitamin C and Vitamin E are essentials to promoting healthy collagen levels in aging skin. Grapefruit and Patchouli are known for their anti-aging properties. Hafen Beauty body oil is the best natural skin-care product you will find to promote elasticity and collagen production in your skin.
You will love this organic beauty product if you are looking for an alternative to store-bought lotion. Grapeseed nourishes the skin and locks in moisture, refreshing your youthful glow. 
Who to Gift This To: 
Pregnancy to prevent stretch marks on abdomen and breasts 
Teens and adults prone to oily skin to regulate their sebum production 
Grads to congratulate them on their new endeavors 
Parents to promote elasticity and collagen 
Your vegan friends who love any new plant-derived skin-care product
Friends to keep them classy with pretty skin-care bottles to leave on the counter :) 


Intense moisture Tallow contains Vitamin A, D, E, and K, nourishing your skin with collagen-boosting properties while giving you long-lasting moisture. Frankincense and Lavender are known for soothing and healing properties. History shares that all these oils have been passed down from generation to generation from many ancient cultures and religions, sharing their magic power to promote overall wellness.
Who to Gift This To: 
Friends who are not vegan (Hafen is tallow from grass-fed cows)
Men or Women in your life with constantly chapped hands.


Organic Tamanu Oil is the perfect addition to your natural skin-care anti-aging routine. You are adding moisture, reducing inflammation, boosting antioxidants, and eliminating scars! Tamanu oil is rich in fatty acids and locks moisture in by acting as a lipid barrier. It is highly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, and a form of vitamin E. If you suffer from acne, psoriasis, rosacea, and other scars, you can use Tamanu oil for specific spot treatments. Individuals have said they’ve seen results in weeks.
Who To Gift This To: 
That friend who loves their lipid barrier 
Diminish age spots 
Even skin tone


Hafen Beauty Whipped Balm, Body Oil, and Tamanu Oil samples give you enough product to see results! Each sample applies smooth and gives you a youthful glow, formulated to nourish your skin and body.
Who to Gift To: 
Anyone who loves pretty things! 
That skin-care loving fanatic who is always trying the next best thing 
Your granola friend (they will be impressed, trust me).

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