Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022


This Mothers Day, (which is May 8!) consider gifting mom a luxurious (or not) item you want!   Instead of the typical greeting card and floral arrangement, you can bless your favorite mom, aunt, sister, neighbor… that’s basically like your second mom… a gift that truly means something to you and shows her you love her. There is nothing better than giving a gift you love to someone you love even more. 

The best gift doesn’t last one day, but a series of days or even a lifetime! Giving a gift that spans generations and allows for long-lasting enjoyment shares a beautiful sentiment. 

This year, enhance Mom’s life for years with a gift that speaks her love languages and brings the two of you together with that special bond only wise women can give.

For the Mom who Loves to Host:

Speak your mom’s love language and gift her a subscription at Green Chef. Gift a week or a month and let her host the family with prepared beautiful meals she doesn’t have to think about.   

For the charcuterie and drinks mother, gift her a subscription to  Dry Farm Wines. High quality, organic wines that will support her health and have everyone talking about her great taste in grapes. ;) 

For the Mom who always looks fresh:
Want to support mom in her non-toxic lifestyle? Gift her Clean Makeup from Ilia or  Toups and Co. with their oil-based foundations and natural makeup. The best part?  These makeup foundations double as skincare. 

For the Mom who loves Skincare: 

Mature skin needs hydration, and Hafen provides intense moisture infused with essential vitamins for glowing skin for all ages. We recommend The whipped Balm for intense moisture and Tamanu oil for lipid barrier support, UV protection, reducing age spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Frownies are the less invasive, non-toxic version of botox and are the best-kept secret for removing wrinkles. Frownies offer a wide variety of patches that are easy to apply and reusable!  These patches will reduce wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows in hours. Buy a 30-day sample pack for you and mom, and have a wrinkle-removing movie night! 

For the Mom who is Sentimental: 

Does mom still want sweet things from you she can put on the wall? Consider a masterpiece and write her a customized song with Songfinch . Cue the tears, and the love as she listens to a timeless arrangement that you and the writers at Songfinch create for her. 

Last but not least. :) 

For the Mom who loves quality time: 

If mom’s love language is time spent with those she loves, don’t underestimate a date to a spa, or lunch on the patio. Time spent with her kids is a beautiful way to celebrate the queen of the family. :) Some ideas include Mani/pedi, touring your own town, a family hike, a prepared dinner in the comfort of her own home (that she doesn’t have to make). ;)

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