Oil vs. Lotion

Oil vs. Lotion

You've seen all the name brand beauty companies sharing their oil secrets and now you're wondering if you should make the switch. We want to share with you why we love Body oil vs. lotion and hopefully it will help you make your personal decision to change your beauty routine to hold more oil based products.

The fear of using oil has been mainly due to, well, the fear of being to oily. However oil has been the leading moisturizer for thousands of years. We love the history of oils and can't help but share, that our ancestors would bathe in oil! This would give them smooth, baby like skin, AND it would regulate their own natural oil build up eradicating toxins and keeping their skin blemish free!

Here are some of the main reasons we love oil.

Oil is cleaner. No extra product needs to be involved because the oil does the job just being itself. Many lotions and even products that say they are body oil hold many toxic ingredients. Just using the oil by itself has healing benefits for our skin and for our internal system! 

Oil regulates sebum production. Have you ever heard the phrase "like breaks down like?" Well, oil breaks down oil, which is why an oil based product is great for those with oily skin. It regulates your natural oil production and cuts down the excess oil, giving you a glow without the grease! No matter how counter-intuitive it seems, it will give you the best results.

Oil seals in hydration. It's best to use oil right after you have bathed and not totally dried yourself off yet. Allowing the oil to cover the water droplets still on your body give your skin that moisture it longs for. 

Oil is nourishing. Oil sinks right into the skin nourishing your external and internal systems immediately. Because oil doesn't need a plethora of additives in order to keep it fresh, it is actually nourishing your insides with vitamins and nutrients as you apply it.

In summary: Oil is great just by itself, it regulates your own bodies natural oil production, is hydrating and is nourishing.

If you haven't made the switch yet we hope you'll try out Body Oil! It's made with pure non-gmo grape seed oil. It's best for acne driven or oily skin, and we've included two great therapeutic essential oil blends that promote your own natural collagen levels. You'll be happy you switched!

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