The Benefits of Tallow


tallow for natural skin and hair care

Seconds after you put a product on your skin, hair or lips you can find it in your

blood stream. This is why we find it so important to nourish

our skin the same way we would internally.

Our Whipped Balm is a combination of Tallow, Grapeseed oil and therapeutic grade essential oils that not only feel good, are good for us!

Imagine rubbing an oil on your skin knowing that you are boosting your skin with vital B Vitamins, collagen, and energy boosting minerals. Not only will your skin look fantastic, you will feel good, too!

Tallow was the original beauty product used by our ancestors. History shares the Romans and Egyptians would use animal fat along with vegetable oil and salts to bathe and make soap. It was also used for medicinal reason to prevent and heal skin issues and burns. They also believed it was best to use all of the areas of an animal without it going to waste. We love how tallow is so comparable with our own skin and holds key vitamins we need for energy and hormone health.

Tallow, specifically from well taken care of, grass -fed cows holds a combination of  Vitamins A, D, and KVitamin E, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and palmitoleic acid. All of these items are essential for our natural sebum production. Tallow holds the closest resemblance to our natural processes than any other moisture which is why it nourishes our skin so quickly! 

Hafen Beauty Whipped Balm combines the rich ingredients of tallow from grass-fed cows, grape seed oil, frankincense essential oil and lavender essential oil for a soothing cocktail of health and wellness for your skin and your insides. 

This balm is great for eradicating dry itchy skin, combination issues, oily skin, rosacea, athletes foot, diaper rashes, acne, ingrown hairs and more. You can expect results almost immediately.

All our products are backed with our Hafen Promise, If we can't eat it, we won't sell it. Glowing with Nature.



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